FormBot T-Rex 2+ 700mm 3D printer dual

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FormBot T-Rex 2+ Extended to 700mm 3D printer Free Shipping + Free 3D Filaments*: Independent dual extruder extrusion (IDEX) Large Format 400x400x700mm High Temp* & Laser Engraver*

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FormBot T-Rex 2+ 3D printer

independent dual extruder extrusion (IDEX) Large Format 400x400x700mm High Temp & Laser Engraver


Free shippingFree 3D Filaments voucher of our Chromafil 3D Printer Filaments!

Professional 3D Printer Top Features:


  • 400x400x700mm Print Bed Surface Build Platform Size
  • Independent Dual Extruder 3D printer (IDEX) 260°C
  • Extruder Nozzle Wiping System
  • Quick-replaceable change Swappable Print Cores Hotends
  • BLTouch Automatic Mesh Multi-Point Bed Leveling Sensor System
  • Dual Zone Heated Print Bed (Optional) 
  • High-temp. 350°C Extruder Hotend (Optional) 
  • Laser Engraver (Optional)
  • Industrial Grade Ball Bearing Linear Guide
  • Industrial Grade TBI Ball Lead Screw
  • Print Bed LED Lighting


T-Rex 2+ 3D printer comes mostly assembled, it only takes 10-15 minutes to complete assembly.

FormBot T-Rex 2+ plus 700 Extended 3D printer Free Shipping Free 3D Filaments

Before Order, Please Kindly Check Below Price List for Different Configurations:

T-Rex 2+ 700 Extended High Temp Heated Print Bed Laser options and optional featureSee details below.

Independent Dual Extruder IDEX

Three printing modes:

1. Single Extruder Mode:

Independent Dual Extruder IDEX Large 3D printer

2. Independent Dual Extruder Mode:

Print high quality dual color & multi-material objects without the need for an ooze shield surrounding the part!

The dual extrusion 3D printer feature allows each extruder to move separately and independently on the X axis.Dual Extruder 3D color prints printing samples

3. Duplicate Mode enhances mass production

This dual extrusion 3D printer mode allows you to print many objects at once all over its large print bed.

3D print printing duplicate objects parts at once independent dual extruder

TBI Ball lead screw and Ball bearing linear guide rails

TBI Ball lead screw and Ball bearing linear guide rails 3D printer

Quick-Change Swappable Print Cores Hotends & Nozzles 3D printer

You may install different nozzle diameters; like a 0.4mm stainless steel nozzle to one extruder and a 0.8mm brass nozzle to the second independent extruder, for example. They are sold separately (ask us about them).
You may also have an extruder set at the temperature to 3D print POM while the second extruder hotend is set to the temp to print support material.

Quick-replaceable change Swappable Print Cores Hotends Nozzles

BLTouch Multi-Point Automatic Mesh Bed Leveling Sensor System

The 3D printer is equipped with this auto print bed leveling system, using a BL Touch sensor, probes a 225 points mesh over the entire print surface of the platform. The recorded mesh of points is stored in the Eeprom of the 3D printer. You should only need to run this multi-point automatic bed leveling procedure once, before the very first print.

BLTouch Automatic Mesh Multi-Point Bed Leveling Sensor System

Extruder HotEnd Nozzle Brush Wiping System

Before one of the multi independent extruder (IDEX) begins to print, its hotend nozzle gets cleaned by automatically wiping through a brush.


Large Dual Zones Heated Print Bed 200mm & 400mm Surfaces (Optional)

The optional large dual zones heated print bed is highly recommanded to avoid many 3D printing, as wraping of medium to large prints. A heatbed is critical when 3D printing polymers as: ABS, PETG, PA Nylon, HIPS, PP, PC, ASA, PEI Ultem, etc. This industrial grade heating pad has two heating zones or areas over its printing surface:
+ 200mm x 200mm &
+ 400mm x 400mm surfaces.
The outer area can be turned off if you are printing smaller objects or turn it on to print large objects. This allows you to save electricity. This professional and dependable dual zones heat bed is also equipped with:
+ A Digital Controller (°C/°F) that plugs directly into the wall outlet
+ An integrated Timer
+ It is possible to buy a SSR addon that allows to control this heated bed from the gcode. Ask us about it.

Large Dual Zones Heated Print Bed 200mm 400mm Surfaces

High Temperature Extruder HotEnd (Optional)

This high temp extruder hotend, of this 3D printer, can reach 350 °C, allowing to print PA, PC-ABS, ASA, PP, PC and possibly feed PEI Ultem and maybe even some PPSF/PPSU, PSU and other high temp polymers to this 3D printer, equipped with the heat bed & high temp hotend options. (This high-temp extruder option is for 1 extruder.)high temperature hotend nozzle T-Rex 2+ Large 3D printer

Laser Engraver (Optional)

The laser engraving optional attachment, of this 3D printer, can engrave paper, wood, PMMA acrylic and even some fabrics.T-Rex 2 + Laser engraver engraving large 3D printerT-Rex 2+ Industrial components leading partsT-Rex 2+ 700 Extended datasheet specifications technical parameters

Formbot T-Rex 2+ sample printT-Rex 2+ sample 3D print objectT-Rex 2+ dual extruder hotend color material 3D printingT-Rex 2+ sample print dual multi extruder hotend support materialT-Rex 2+ large vase sample print 3D printerT-Rex 2+ sample printT-Rex 2+ sample prints



1. Is the lead time to shipping of this customized 700mm version the same as the regular 500mm version?
    No. The processing delay to shipment can take up to 7 work days, please note.

2. What's the nozzle size of T-Rex 2+?

    0.4mm brass nozzle as default, if you need other kind and size, please contact us about it.


3. What's the build size of dual extruder?

    Same as single extruder: 400x400x700mm.


4. Is it dangerous to leave T-Rex 2+ unattended?

    It has thermal protection function, if over heating, it'll cut off power automatically. The heated bed can be controlled from gcode, by using the SSR addon sold separately (Contact us about it).

5. Does Free Shipping apply to all destinations?

*Free shipping excludes destinations considered as remote areas by the carrier.

6. Handling, Processing, Shipping and delay to Delivery:

Most 3D printers offered have a processing time to shipping date (lead time) between 4 to 6 work days, please note and plan accordingly.
Add to that the shipping delay (lead time) to delivery usually between 4 to 8 work days.


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