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About ColoriLAB Filament

Our company

ColoriLab Filament is a 3D printer filament online shopping destination.

It all started by experiencing how difficult it is to find the appropriate 3D printer filament for the additive manufacturing of a specific product. 3D printing since 2002, we know that the additive manufacturing of consumer products needs specific materials and colors. The same applies to 3D printing scaled models and prototypes. The right material and color can boost finished goods sales.

Our aim at ColoriLab is to offer you specifically what you need. Do not hesitate to contact us.
In short, we offer you:

  • 6000+ 3D printer filament items, and more to come
  • 180+ filaments color chart plus thousands of custom color filaments as bulk filament wholesale
  • 16 metric tons production capacity
  • Samples & the innovative ColoriLab way to color selection allow color choice confirmation
  • NO filament surprises.

To do so, we spend days specifying each filament. The result: we offer you specified 3D printer filaments.

  • You quickly know & identify what you are buying
  • You receive what you specified
  • Result: No filament surprises.
Because 3D printing filament surprises are very time consuming and expensive to resolve, you need the right partner to enhance your products, projects and business. One that is additive manufacturing, just like you.

The ColoriLab name

The ColoriLab name reflects our goal. The name comes from the CIELab colour space. CIELab is the ultimate color reference in color management.

Search, browse, specify your filaments and discover hundreds of solutions offered by ColoriLab!

Increase your 3D prints value!


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