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Base fee for custom 3d filament

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Base fee to on demand custom 3d printer filament color match

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Custom 3d Printing Filament Base Fee

The base fee for custom 3d filament is required to make a bespoke and customized 3d printer filament.

This base fee is constituted of costs incurred in order to evaluate the color to be reproduced, create the color mixture, produce a test sample (if applicable), etc.

The available options:

Minimized option (only available with the purchase of Economy custom 3d filament)

This option offers minimal base fees.
The 3d filament is customized from the sample you sent us (the physical sample is the most accurate way of color evaluation) or from the color code you provide us with (possibly less accurate than the physical sample). Right away, your order progresses forward and is immediately produced.

This minimized cost option does not offer you any color accuracy evaluation & confirmation steps.

Also, the quality of the produced 3d filament is economical.
This is not a premium 3d printing filament... The filament may become brittle (if not kept dry; under 30% ambient relative humidity) or sometimes (rarely) there may be tiny black particles within the filament.

Without a step of counter-evaluation and approval of the fidelity of the color to be produced, this option is the fastest and the most affordable possible.

High quality option (only available with the purchase of Premium custom 3d filament)

This option provides increased color quality and accuracy.
The 3d filament color to obtain is customized from the physical sample you sent us (the physical sample is the most accurate way of color evaluation) or from the color code you provide us with (possibly less accurate than the physical sample).

This option provides you with a color match evaluation step to evaluate the fidelity of the color to be produced and to be obtained. We will produce a sample of the color. This sample can therefore be evaluated and adjustments to the color can be made as needed.
This option provides a higher 3d filament quality, a better color accuracy and a higher quality control.

Providing steps to double-checking and adjusting the color accuracy, the high quality option offers better quality control, is the most expensive and imposes longer lead times.

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