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Custom Color Matching & Digitizing Service to accurate color identification


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To determine the accurate colour that you have in hand, our custom color matching & digitizing service is required to accurate color identification or paint color matching.

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Custom Color Matching & Digitizing Service to accurate color identification

Do you need to determine the accurate color that you have in hand?

If yes, then our custom color matching & identification service is for you!
May you have to identify the color of a print or the colour of a fabric or textile or a paint color as well as a plastic color; we have you covered!

Simple steps:

1. Ship us a sample of the color

2. We digitize the color and identify its color data, as: RGB, Hex, CMYK, CIELab, etc.

3. We can also provide you with the closest matching color code from a number of colour charts, paint fan decks & color palettes.

4. We can also ship you back your color sample, if needed.

When ordering, please provide the following information:

5.1. The dimensions and weight of your sample piece. (A 2"x2" sample piece would be closer to the minimum useful sample size. A larger sample piece allows taking numerous measurements. Hence, a better color reading.)

5.2. Do you need the sample piece to be shipped back to you or not?

5.3. Is it a metallic color? Any other color features?
(For starters, an opaque solid color is ideal over translucent colours or special effects as metallic colors, etc.)

5.4. Any other pertinent information?

Let us know if you have questions.

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