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3D printer filament 1.75mm PLA close to RAL 2017 RAL orange


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PLA 3D printer filament 1.75mm diameter near RAL 2017 RAL orange

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Cette «Quantité de filament» n'est pas encore en stock. Plusieurs filaments 3D hors-stock sont à 24 Kg d'être en stock, que ce soit à l'aide d'une seule commande ou en groupant plusieurs commandes. Connectez-vous pour la précommander en l'ajoutant à votre panier d'achats groupés collectifs et payez plus tard. Une fois assez de paniers d'achats groupés soumis, elle deviendra en stock!

Rabais Quantité de filament semblables
25% de rabais; si 2 ou plus
30% de rabais; si 4 ou plus
35% de rabais; si 8 ou plus
Et plus encore !
Rabais de grands volumes également appliqués aux frais d'expédition.
Les rabais sont appliqués lors du paiement, si applicables.
*Certaines restrictions s'appliquent.

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This PLA 3D printer filament is close to the RAL 1000 Green beige color and is of remarkable quality. A charm to print, you will be enchanted from the first impression.

This PLA 3D printer filament will be available as 1.75mm or 2.85mm.
More properties, attributes and features are listed on this page.

Discover the innovative ColoriLab way to color selection: 

Paint color to 3d printer filament3d-printer-printing-paint-color

Explore & test with locally available paint colors today, from the local paint store


Then order a la carte personalized custom made 3d printer filament colors

1. How to evaluate, test and confirm this is the custom 3d filament color I need?

Test colors by using locally available paint, today!
Click here to identify locally available close-match paint colors (a ΔE color difference under 2 is best) from house paint fan deck, color chart & palette.
Tip: Regardless of the color name, paint stores can often match house paint color codes as 60YY 80/288, for example. Look for such paint color numbers! [Remember that a ΔE color difference under 2 is best.]

For specialized paint colors (metallic & special effects) or to buy this exact paint color online, click on this link.

Click here to discover associated color schemes.

Click here to obtain numerous color code conversions to use over design softwares.

2. How to request this 3d printing filament color?

→ Please proceed as:
2.1. Create an account and/or log in;
2.2. From a filament's page; click the add to group buy blue button above (over the right column of the page);
2.3. Click on My group buys to consult your group buy cart;
2.4. From there, submit your group buy cart by clicking the green Submit now button, to opt in and add your non-binding pre-order & to pay later.

Enjoy personalized 3d printer filament custom-made for you! (Other customized 3d filaments also available.)
Our a la carte 3d printer filaments allow you to obtain the exact unique & distinctive colour that you'll profit from! 

This tailor-made custom colored 3d printer filament is already available from a 24Kg order. Over time, we may be able to achieve a smaller minimum order quantity. To find out, submit your group buy cart (see below)!

This polymer 3d printing filament, called polylactic acid or polylactide, is ecological since it is not petroleum made and can biodegrade at the end of its useful life. This PLA 3D printing filament is precise; its diameter varies little within a single product. You'll obtain uniform 3D prints.

The mentioned and displayed colors may not be fully identical to the mentioned standards as well as to other listed standards. We do our best to provide a close match. Note that the mentioned brands and companies are not associated with this website nor with ColoriLab. 
The mentioned brands and trademarks, are the property of their respective owners.

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3D printer filament 1.75mm PLA close to RAL 2017 RAL orange

3D printer filament 1.75mm PLA close to RAL 2017 RAL orange

PLA 3D printer filament 1.75mm diameter near RAL 2017 RAL orange

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